Lucky Acorn Handprint Necklace


“From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.”

Acorns are symbolic making the perfect jewellery for a new mum, or for those celebrating a new start.

The acorn has been sacred and considered lucky to numerous cultures for many, many years. With this in mind we have created a lucky acorn necklace that can be beautifully personalised with your loved ones handprint. A thoughtful gift to celebrate friendship, birthdays, a christenings or just new beginnings.

Whilst the acorn is little, is believed to be very powerful.

Now you have the opportunity to capture your babies or loved ones (even pets) hand or footprint and preserve those gorgeous fingers or toes in a solid  lucky acorn charm. This beautiful bespoke acorn necklace is perfectly casted from a real acorn!

The necklace itself will be delivered in a gift box.

In order to collect your hand, foot or paw prints we can send you out our special Print Kit, which is an easy to use, no mess way to get those prints ready to make your beautiful jewellery. We can also make the jewellery from existing prints.

To return your prints simply e-mail a high resolution scan or close-up photo of your chosen print(s) to us. We don’t usually need to receive hard copies of the prints

Once we receive these prints from you we aim to have your order made and dispatched within 5-7 working days (for Gold there is a 4 week turn).